Designathon 2022

SPACE: The Final Frontier 

80 Students | 5 Universities | 4 Countries

Designathon 2022

This is an exciting and busy time to work in the space industry, not only for Scientists and Engineers but for every profession. New things are happening above the earth’s atmosphere. Private companies are developing spacecrafts for NASA missions. A robotic helicopter is currently exploring mars. The moon is a goal for both private businesses and NASA. In order to start establishing a base camp on the moon, NASA's Artemis program plans to send people there in 2025. This extended human presence on the lunar surface will aid NASA in preparing for longer-duration human space exploration missions, such as a potential crewed voyage to Mars.
For this designathon we will focus on two areas.

1. Returning to the Moon
2. Re-purposing the International Space Station


Mixed Reality Lab
463, Nancy Randolph Davis
Stillwater, OK 74078


Dr. Tilanka Chandrasekera
Phone: 405-744-9524 

Dr. Aditya Jayadas
Phone: 405-744-4469

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